mēlˈflo͝or/  noun

Origin: mid 19th century: French, literally ‘a thousand flowers.’

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Chief designer and owner, started her love of all things beautiful strolling through the Paris flea market in the 1960’s. Since then, she has been creating beauty out of the simplest of buds or the most ornate and elaborate stems.

Millefleurs began 35 years ago as Carolyn began arranging flowers for her church altar. As more and more people saw the arrangements, she began to be in high demand for weddings and special events. The cars got moved out of the garage and were replaced by tables and shelves for housing our inventory, cutting gardens were planted where trees and shrubs once grew, and all of Carolyn’s friends and family pitched in to help create our first wedding story.


mason clement heistand

One of those family members that was trained from an early age in the garden was Carolyn's daughter, Mason. After returning to the NC High Country with her husband and small children after fifteen years away from home, Mason has now joined her mom in running Millefleurs. Growing up surrounded by flowers, Mason has a natural eye for making beautiful arrangements. Mason is an attentive listener and knows how to turn your Pinterest page into your own dream wedding. 

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The rest of the crew

One of the highlights of our workspace is the creative collaboration that occurs within our staff. We have recent college grads who were raised in English gardens to retired artists who are passionate about color palate and the creation of beauty. You might even see Mason's kids digging in the dirt and picking wildflowers from the garden.